Social Impact

At Uniquk, we strive to collaborate with the skilled artisans across Africa and Indonesia. We partner with the artisan’s community who have inherited the long-established craft of making handmade products and accessories. Our goal is to contribute to creating homes and offices which gives a sense of belonging and at the same time, is sustainable and culturally rooted. Each handmade product has its own story, the people who created it putting their heart, soul, time, and effort in to making something that has unique, beautiful, and made just for you.

Through our collaboration with Artisans across these two continents, we ensure that the handcrafting tradition has been passed on from generations, giving opportunities to diverse groups of Artisans in these countries. A rising number of indigenous crafts worldwide are now in danger of becoming extinct or endangered, largely because of their time-consuming nature, and fewer craftspeople who have these specialized skills. We are at risk of losing important global heritage, culture and wisdom as the aging populations are not able to pass the traditional skills down as younger generations are now pursuing other professions. As a result, we empower the various groups of artisans, by encouraging them to continue creating their art, supplying them valuable feedback, and ensuring that they are fairly paid for their work. 

We are also very mindful of our planet and the material that we choose, we are conscious at every step of the production process and enlightened by the impact a product can make across its life cycle.